Radio Controlled

Sat 01 January 2011

Radio Controlled Section

Battery-Watcher, Location-Beeper, Multi-Function Module

After a hard ground hit with my Aspirin (RC model aircraft) because of an empty
accumulator I decided to build
myself a small battery monitor. Of course it has to be very light and has to
fit into the small body
of the Aspirin.

Other experiences with small aircrafts showed that a remote
control for the beeper would be also nice.

Other things like a secure remote control for a power switch can and will also built in.

Here is my first approach with a SMD prototype board with an Atmel attiny44:


It’s still a prototype and not that nice, but I’m going to design a new PCB
when the device is stable :).

PS: I ordered the PCB layout foils at ([] which was the best Idea ever :).

If you like to have the eagle layouts you may get them here:

Attiny-44-Board.tar.gz (Licence GPL)

Date 05.2009

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