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Hello there,

my name is Michael Abel I'm a freelance software developer. I work as developer, tester and consultant for embedded and non embedded projects. I also give talks about digital transformtion, video conferencing and other topics.

Besides, I'm also involved in various kinds of social activities in my town Gerlingen.

Before that, I worked as developer, tester, Product-Owner and Test-Project-Manager in the field of embedded testing in the automotive industry. In my spare time I also work on testing methodologies for embedded soft- and firmware which keeps my wetware constantly busy. I foster unit-testing, test-driven and behaviour driven development.

I was hiding in academia for a few years to work on my PhD thesis. At this time I was engaged at the Graduate School advanced Manufacturing Engineering (GSaME) at the University of Stuttgart. However, my office was located at the Institute for Control Engineering at the University, where I had a parallel engagement.

Beforehand, I studied Electrical-Engineering and Information-Technology at the University of Stuttgart.

I have lots of fun in producing instead of consuming. That's why I'm steadily producing nonsense as well as non-nonsense. In my spare time I do lots of dilettantish tinkering, programming, 3D-printing, reading, cycling, soldering and Atmel-8-bit-ing. In an open world there is no need for windows. Hence, I like zookeeping of penguins.

A new direction is to care more about sustainability concerns. This is why I also participate in the local Repair-Café. In addition I'm spokesperson of a local work group "Interkulturelle Vielfalt" in Gerlingen.

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I hope that spammers will never understand the meaning of the German letter ä, ö and ü but I’m sure you do : ) somehow.