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  1. Plastikfreies Gerligen

    Mon 15 June 2020

    Another engagement in Gerlingen : Plastikfreies Gerlingen

    Involved in the war against trash everywhere, microplastics and waste of ressources.

    Cooperation project between these partners:

    • World Cleanup Day
    • Mein Gerlingen Stadtmarketing
    • Lokale Agenda 21 Gerlingen
    • Die Mitmachzentrale

    Proud organizer of the World Cleanup Day in Gerlingen.

    See here for our various activities …

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  2. GDPR

    Thu 24 May 2018

    General Data Protection Regulation

    Due to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that hit Europe, like a weapon of mass confusion, I (hereinafter we, or the monkeys and I) would like to give a statement about data processing, or in our terms mustering of bits, at bitmuster.org.

    Indeed …

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  3. Update

    Sat 04 February 2017

    Website update has started!

    After some time of inactivity I have decided not only to add some more content, but also switch to a new static website generator. Some research pointed me to pelican Pelican and I have decided to use it.

    I also played a lot with some pelican …

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