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  1. Purpose for an old bike chain

    Sun 01 July 2018

    Applied up-cycling

    After riding for about 800km to 1000km you need to change your bike chain. One can create a nice bracelet from that.


    Jepp, that's jewelry for "men", made from steel, washed in acetone, brushed with brass, formed by a Dremel and oiled.

    It will rust when it comes …

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  2. Hardware

    Sat 01 January 2011

    This site contains older content from the old website.

    Atmel ATMega8/88 universal Board

    This is my newest microcontroller board. Its based on an ATMega8/88 Controller. It’s suitable for small automation and measurement applications. The application can be battery powered or use a small external power supply.

    This …

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  3. Radio Controlled

    Sat 01 January 2011

    Radio Controlled Section

    Battery-Watcher, Location-Beeper, Multi-Function Module

    After a hard ground hit with my Aspirin (RC model aircraft) because of an empty
    accumulator I decided to build
    myself a small battery monitor. Of course it has to be very light and has to
    fit into the small body
    of the …

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