Sat 04 February 2017

Website update has started!

After some time of inactivity I have decided not only to add some more content, but also switch to a new static website generator. Some research pointed me to pelican Pelican and I have decided to use it.

I also played a lot with some pelican themes but the outcome was not as expected so, in the meantime I switched to the blueidea theme.

Most things will be far away from perfect - update is coming soon. This is more a tech demo!

I'm not a website guy, so I need to have it simple. Requirements are:

  • I really demand a navigator
  • Clean style, no weird whatever-analytics
  • No js, css, html -weirdness
  • Markdown and or Textile
  • Has to look hackish
  • And yepp, needs to run on Linux

I write my personal notes in markdown anyway, so I'm happy with markdown. I can just copy-paste them into my website. I have no clue about web-design, js, css, html its all all a riddle to me. Accordingly, this design is all stolen. And probably dilettantishly tinkered.

For now, thanks to: Markdown, pandoc, pelican, git, ...